An Introduction.

Hello there.

First of all, thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me. My name is Erica Corbin. I am the founder of Suite E Designs...No, that doesn't sound right. Dreamer of, hopeful participant, goal setter, daily hustler. Let's go with any of those. I am beyond excited that you have managed to stumble across my little slice of the internet. It's a vast wide world out there.

My sweet family is very fuzzy. Sam is my bearded husband, quite the wonderful man. Then there is Thalia, the cat with the constant RBF (resting b*tch face). Dugan is our grumpy old man, blue heeler and schnauzer mix. Hagrid the great dane is deaf and thinks he's the size of a teacup pig. And our latest addition, Luna, American and English bulldog mix. Needless to say, there is never a shortage of cuddles at our house.

I am a crafter through and through. You know that meme that says "why buy it for $20 when I can make it myself with $99 worth of craft supplies?" Guilty as charged. I have dabbled in it all. My current obsessions are my Happy Planner, scrapbooking, and Happy Mail. If you're not familiar with Happy Mail, it's an amazing thing. So you are partnered with a pen pal (typically through a Facebook group) and you exchange snail mail. But not normal boring letters. You exchange things called flipbooks, pocket letters, and loaded envelopes. All of these are stuffed with goodies like handmade embellishments and extra scrapbooking supplies. It's amazing. I have every intention of showcasing each style in its own blog entry.

My hopes and plans for this blog are to be entertaining and enlightening. I want you to look forward to my updates and and I want you to learn something from me. Big goals, right? Well, like I said earlier. I'm a dreamer, hopeful participant and daily hustler.

Welcome to my life.


While we are on the subject of first introductions, check out my first YouTube Video!